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Is Mediterranean Diet The Answer To Child Obesity?

  • Posted on July 2, 2014 at 3:08 am

Child ObesityThere was a new study found in London claiming that kids who take on a Mediterranean Diet is 15% less likely to be obese or overweight. This study involved 8 European countries who were concerned with the growing problem of obesity among kids. It was led by Dr. Gianluca Tognon from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden along with his colleagues from different parts of the world such as Sweden, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Hungary and Estonia.

The data used on their research came from the DEFICS or the Identification and Prevention of Dietary and Lifestyle induced health effects in Children and infants study. Children across the countries that participate had their weight, circumference of their weight, height and their body fat mass percentage. Questionnaires were prepared for the IDEFICS study and the parents of the children who participated were asked to answer it. The questions were mainly about the consumption of their kids related to 43 different kinds of foods.

The study also had a sub sample of parents who were interviewed over the phone and the information gathered was also included on the dietary data. Scores were given to children who had a dietary program that adhered to the Child Obesity1Mediterranean like diet. One point was given to those who had high intake of foods that were typical to the Mediterranean diet. These include fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereal grains and fish. Another point was given to lesser intake of food that are not typical to the Mediterranean diet such as meat and dairy products.

The children’s adherence to the Mediterranean diet had nothing to do with their location. Although, the study showed that children from Sweden who participated in the study scored really high and then they were followed by the Italians in terms of the scores. The participants who scored really low were those who were from Cyprus.

Although further studies will still need to be conducted in order to support these claims, it would really be a good thing if kids adhere to a diet similar to the Mediterranean diet since it helps reduce their risk to becoming obese. However, the side effects of having this kind of diet on kids must also be studied further.